cornerstone doula training

With a strong commitment to inclusivity and social justice, our agency is at the forefront of a doula training revolution. No other doula training provides both an unsurpassed business course, as well as essential hands-on traditional tools and wisdom. Cornerstone provides the best of both worlds in our program: empowering our students with the tools to have a successful business, while providing an understanding of the deeper emotional and psychosocial aspects of birth. Our courses will provide you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to start attending births immediately. With an efficient certification model that is based in self-evaluation and direct mentoring, we provide a clear path to a sustainable business from the start. Cornerstone Doula Trainings: Engage. Inform. Empower.

entrepreneurship center

Looking forward to our next 30 years of impacting Bay Area communities, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center is poised to help thousands of individuals achieve personal, financial, and social transformation through the power of small business. A success story of our own for the past three decades, Renaissance has helped open more businesses than any other non-profit in the Bay Area, and according to the Aspen Institute, posts the best record for business longevity. From inception to business planning, access to capital and resources, and ongoing assistance that growing businesses require, Renaissance fuels community vitality by empowering under-served individuals to start businesses that bring jobs, character, and sustainable economic health to the local economy.

san francisco birth center

The midwives at SFBC care for families during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We offer a combination of private prenatal care, group prenatal care, labor and birth, water birth, postpartum home visits and newborn care. Please register for our informational session to meet the midwives, learn about our services, and find out if the birth center is a good fit for your care.

friends of the
san francisco birth center

The Friends of the San Francisco Birth Center was conceived in an effort to ensure that all women and their families, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, have full access to the San Francisco Birth Center’s services.

Created as a stand-alone non-profit entity focused exclusively on fundraising and grant-making to cover the gap between what lower-income families can afford to pay, and what it actually costs the Birth Center to provide the full suite of prenatal, birth, and postpartum support services. By making need-based grants available upon request, the Friends of the SF Birth Center seeks to guarantee that all women seeking care at the Birth Center can have equal opportunity and access to choices in care.

need the bare with me doula group?

We are the bare with me doula group, working in partnership, to educate and inform our communities about maternal healthcare and the crisis in the United States, by providing community members with evidence-based information.

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