Enhanced bundle

Our enhanced bundle is an extension of all the essentials that we provide throughout pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum.
For years, I questioned what my calling would be. I followed the traditional path, attended college and graduated with my degree; but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my skills.

I always knew I was hardworking and passionate with everything I set my mind to. I asked that the Universe lead me towards my calling, and it became clear after the birth of my daughter.

Becoming a Doula and Childbirth Educator has been excitedly overwhelming and extremely rewarding. With over 10 years of experience in administrative assistance, consultation and a degree in Communications, I know that it is my calling to do maternity work.

I absolutely love the work that I do because I change the lives of women, their partners, and families. I truly look forward to our journey together as my goal is to create meaningful connections.


services Include

  • Phone Interview (No Charge)
  • In-Person Interview (No Charge)


5 visits (10 hours)

Services provided:
Childbirth education and preparation for labor
Postpartum education
Relationship communication practices
Newborn care education

Day-Of Care

Labor, birth and immediate postpartum care at birthing location

Services provided:
On-call support
24/7 labor and birth support at your birthing location


40 hours | 4 daytime visits (4 hours) | 3 evening (8 hours)

Services provided:
Newborn care
New parent care
Lactation support
Daytime or overnight visits



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2nd & 3rd payment


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a childbirth educator?

Hiring a childbirth educator means being informed while saving time and energy. A childbirth educator is available to create a customized course of study and mentor you on your labor, birth and postpartum options.

How does childbirth education work?

First, we look forward to hearing from you or someone from your support team by phone or email to set up an initial consultation where we will then assess your overall needs. Upon assessing your needs, we will then create a customized curriculum and carry out your birth presences.

Who benefits from childbirth education services?

The simple answer is, each person supporting you in your maternity experience! As your Childbirth Educator, it is our goal to be sure that the expecting parent(s), children or your support team all benefit from having a childbirth educator.

What is BWMs philosophy?

A doula can provide labor support via the four pillars of labor support. In the textbook Best Practices in Midwifery by Barbara A. Anderson, the author describes three pillars of labor support as emotional support, physical support, and advocacy. In the book Optimal Care in Childbirth by Amy Romano and Henci Goer, informational support is also listed as a pillar of support.

need a mother-daughter doula duo?

We are a mother-daughter doula duo, working in partnership, to educate and inform our communities about the maternal healthcare and the crisis in the United States, by providing community members with evidence-based information.

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