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My favorite part of having Deundra as my daughter’s Doula and Stephanie as her Maternity Consultant was definitely the information and guidance they brought with them.  It’s been 20 plus years since I’ve had my own child so having Deundra and Stephanie to ask questions and get up to date information from was a God send for me.  I would recommend this incredible team to anyone.  I truly felt like my daughter and future grandson were in good hands.  I specifically was very touched on how hands on Deundra was during my daughter’s pregnancy and when my daughter went into labor Deundra beat me to the hospital.  I am forever grateful.


We enjoyed working with Deundra and Stephanie so much! The in- home visits were super helpful. We were taught very helpful pain release exercises that came in handy during labor. We were very surprised and thankful they really engaged with both parents and not just the mother. They engaged very much with Michael and that was something that meant a lot to us. They made the home visits fun and not just boring lectures. My last 3 weeks of pregnancy Deundra stayed in touch daily and when we had questions, the easy access to her was very much appreciated. Stephanie’s birth plan helped tremendously because we were clueless. With Stephanie being a new mom and things so fresh in her head from her experiences, it helped us out so much. The mother daughter team and bond they have was very assuring and we admired it very much. We were very happy to have Deundra at the hospital with us during labor.

Asia & Mike

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